Friday, December 4, 2009

Australian wildlife

Going to fetch the newspaper today, I went and saw these lovely creatures greeted me along the way.

You only see this in Australia. In where I came from: Indonesia, free flying birds? Not a chance. Only those brown little church bird (burung gereja).

Roses in Indonesia? Not only that the climate is wrong, but any flower too pretty will soon be snipped away, way before it gets to full bloom. I remember my dad used to shoo away little kids who climb our guava trees on the yard.

This little cockatoo was busy eating fruits from the a fragrant pine tree. The amazing thing is that these guys live freely. You won't find these in Indonesia for sure! They will be captured, caged and sold. Their diet changed, from pine trees to banana and sweet condensed milk. They will be given chili so that their voice sounds like Krisdayanti, or their tongue scraped by a ring (it works and affect the voice they say). They will be taught not only "hello" but various swear words and soon conditioned to dancing if they hear Michael Jackson's thriller.


  1. Great post ... I want to be conditioned for dancing too. HA HAAAAA !!!

  2. hey found you! good to see you at the baby shower and at the market... email me and this is the link to my photos


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