Monday, November 30, 2009

My latest sin

Ah yes, if diamonds are girls best friend, heels are our support!

For a girl who doesn't normally wear high heel on normal days, heels are luxurius items. I pulled the plug to get my first Comme il Faut. These shoes are really hard to get outside Argentina.

They are made to dance tango with, but I believe you can also wear them on the street. I've only tried once, not with this one, but the result is dents on the leather sole. So I think I will stick with wearing them on the dance floor or perhaps cocktail party indoor at most.

I wasn't big on animal prints, but hey, with the shiny heels, they look stunning and different from the normal street heels.

I soon will be posting some of my old sins too.


  1. Wow, they are hot! Though I'd break my neck in those heels :)

  2. Surprisingly, these are more comfortable than some of my street heels. When I wear street heels, my feet is often achy, and yet I can dance for hours with this kind of heels! Well at least that's my excuse for wearing hot heels.. haha


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