Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brisbane with Vincent

It was so much nostalgia coming back to the city where I grew up. Even more when I had to spend the time in my university where I spent 10 years of studying too!

Some things changed. The cafeteria is much better now. With Subway and Boost Juice option now.

I had a peek at my old phd desk, the office was still the same. Great court was still the same. Dorothy Hill Engineering library, the lake, merlo's cafe.. Ah so much memories.

I met up with Vincent, a friend whom I met previously in Taiwan. We spent lunch at the University of Queensland's Schonell's pizza. One of the best pizza place ever in my life! The "Y" is the bet! He bought his Lomo camera (it's so cute! I want one too!). Then we walked around in the Great court afterwards.
We talked about life and how things are changing for the both of us since we last met in Taiwan. I'm so glad his English is so much better than my Mandarin! hehe..

Ah, it was a fun meeting! I'll wait for your visit to either Indonesia / Sydney ya? :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sydney with Yuni (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the series of photos, taken a few weeks ago when my friend Yuni came to visit from Brisbane.

We walked along the Darling Harbour after dinner and saw this converted the Sydney lights  to soccer balls during the FIFA world cup.

Night photographs without flash and tripod is rather tricky, but we managed to get some picture of Yuni and Sydney nightscape. Living outside Sydney myself, it was a rare occasion to take pictures of the city.

We ended the night by having a hot choc and cake at the Lindt's cafe. It was yuuuuuuuuuuuum. A visitor is always a good excuse to chocolate it up.

Sydney with Yuni (Part 1)

So when my friend Yuni came to town we head out to chinatown for some food.

I had some nasi kuning campur, which was very good. A tad expensive: AUD 9.50 but I guess I miss Indonesian food that much!  We then went to line up for emperor's puff (see previous post), before making our way to darling harbour.

We took pictures in front of the FIFA screen. All the lights was turned into soccer balls. (wait for more in next post!). It was about 8pm so the arena was still empty, and yet ready for the 4.30 am game display.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Emperor's puff

Walking around Sydney's chinatown, we saw this huge long line of people in front of a shop with Emperor's Puff for sale.  At the price of one for 30cent or  four for $1.00 we figured out that this cannot be too wrong. So we tried it.

It was a yummy soft cake with yum centres, worth the long wait!
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