Monday, April 26, 2010

Featherdale Wildlife Park - Part 2

So here are more photos from the recent trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park.

All taken with 70-200mm Tamron.

Can someone check if I have the names of these animals correct? (was too busy focusing and didn't read the information planks with the names!)

First picture, the pied Commorant (?), second is a Long-billed corella,  then a wombat that looks and walks like pigs, a not so happy Tasmanian devil, and the last picture: a tropical penguin!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Featherdale Wildlife Park - Part 1

Seeking for an authentic Australian experience? Nothing feels more authentic than surrounded by native australian wildlife, immersed in the fresh smell of kangaroo (not on your bbq grill, although that too can smell good!)

Inspired by the latest picture of my friend that just came back from NZ zoo, and the idea of my office colleague to go to wildlifepark. I took my Canadian boyfriend to finally meet some australians!

Located about 1.7km easy walk from Doonside station or a bus away from Blacktown station, the Featherdale Wildlife Park is a must visit.  Free running kangaroos, hugable koalas, tame kookaburras are so much better than normal zoo-caged-behind-bars-untouchable experience.

We had a relaxed there, watching lazy kangaroo, sleeping koala and ducks chasing emus. Watching kids carresing a Tawny Frogmouth.

I took quite a lot of photos, and thus this post is to be continued with more picture soon!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Korean BBQ... again?

I didn't think raw beef can be so inspiring before. But it can be! As soon as we saw the raw beef picture in the menu outside the restaurant, then checked that the customers are mainly asian, it didn't take much more to convince us to go and try it out.

Pricing at 17AUD for the two slice of marble beef (wagyu?) and another 19AUD for the marinated beef ribs, the portion is enough for the two of us. We would be happy with slightly more though. It also came with the standard side dishes and the salad.
The service was a bit slow for us considering it was sunday night and not a lot of people serving. But it was worth the wait.

Won-Ji, The restaurant itself is only a short walk from Strathfield train station. I think I will come back for more experience, maybe try their other non-bbq menu. Anyone?

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pempek? Yes Please!

After a 4.5 hours of feet burning Tango, there is nothing better than eating some familiar food. So we went to Pempek Clovelly, to satisfy my craving for fish cakes in vinegar. I ordered Kapal selam for 7.5AUD and a Pempek Kulit for 2.5AUD.

The Gado gado + Ayam Goreng + Nasi wasn't so bad either. It was quite a big portion! Even too big for a Canadian to finish!

It was a success. Too bad Kensington is so far away from where I reside. Luxury treat indeed!

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