Monday, November 9, 2009

Milonga El Cabeceo

One of the first reasons I bought my camera 2.5 years ago was to take picture of Tango. Back then I was still doing some oil painting, and when I look up on the web to find cool Tango pose to paint, I had difficulties. Most photos of Tango are point and shoot camera which makes the figures disproportioned.

Taking picture of dances aren't easy. First normally the lighting is dim, then you really have to know and anticipate the move. One lesson I learned is that the more advanced the dancers are, the more difficult it is to capture them. Simply because they move faster. Of course, unless they know the camera is there and pose it appropriately (see my Geraldine & Ezequiel Paludi photos).

So I lugged around my 50mm F1.4 to the milonga held by Patio de Tango (where I currently are taking my tango lessons too), and take some pictures. F1.4 is great, but they do give a rather soft appearances. So here they are. Obviously I picked a few that I like. If you happen to be the subject of the photos and really do mind having your pictures displayed here please email me and I will take them off. On the other hand, if you like the photo, feel free to link my blog / photo URL to your site, spread the word, and hire me for your next event photography!

PS: See if you can spot which one isn't tango!

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