Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last weekend

Before I share to you some of the nice photos I got this weekend, I should tell you what I did last weekend! I was planning to go to outdoor milonga and also to see the Sculpture by the Sea, but the horrible rainy weekend made me cancelled it. Obviously that didn't stop me from taking pictures, albeit indoor.

I went to Queen Victoria Building(QVB) in downtown Sydney to take some candid shots. QVB is such a nice building. It has the perfect lighting and design. It was full of tourist, and no stylish people to captured though. Almost got discouraged when I thought that maybe I play with shutter speed and motion blur; to really get it next time without guessing what speed I should use. First picture is obviously difficult, because in this type of picture, you really want a symmetrical view which was not as easy to find as I thought. I hate that lightpost in the middle, but I can't cut it without disrupting the geometrical location of the stairs.. hm. The second photo is a trial with zoom.

The Christmas displays are already on. This Swarovski christmas tree runs 3 levels high and is very popular. Seems like everybody wants to take a picture of it. It was fun to sit there watching people pose while waiting for the rain to subsides outside.

Last picture is a Pedapod. A bicycle transport that runs around in the downtown area. It's funny to think that while becak in Jakarta is abolished, more and more western countries are giving the greener choice of rent a bicycle or this pedapod type transport. Obviously the difference of pedapod and becak is the driver. To drive a pedapod you need to complete some training including road and passenger safety and the vehicle itself is insured. Maybe we should bring becak in Jakarta!

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