Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cakes, anyone?

December week 3 christmas challenge is Christmas Food, constraints: photo must be unadultered (ie. straight jpg and no tweaks whatsoever). Food should also be self made if possible. I think I failed for this week challenge because I haven't cooked anything yet, christmas or not christmas food, during the last week!

Ok, fine I thought I'd take some pictures of nice christmas cake I found on the shop. But then I forgot to change the setting from RAW to JPG! Grrrrr! Anyway, here are some that I took. The first one is RAW but without any other change besides adding borders and signature.

This second one was taken at a cupcake shop in Sydney city. I brightened the exposure a bit. I think my Canon 30D does have a slight darker metering in most cases.

Third picture, from the same shop. Aren't these cute? It cost 3.50 each. Quite cheap, but no nutritional content is guaranteed.

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