Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wedding cakes

Thinking of getting married? Perhaps if you haven't got your groom you can entertain yourself in shopping for the perfect wedding cake! The cake, which used to be overlooked by many wedding couples in the past, now has become the centre piece of the wedding.

I walked around Mangga Dua plaza and stumbled upon this Harum Sari cake shop. Specializing in cake decorations.

Yes it is that high and no, it's not real! Unlike in the olden time where the cake is all real here they only serves as a 'decoration' with the actual cake already cut and prepared, behind the curtain, or sometimes only occupies the last 3 layers on the top, while the rest are just structured foam covered by icings.

5 layer costs about 150 dollars.

No doubt the decorations are very nice, with equally nice shades of green, maroon or the colour of your choice. I tasted the samples of the cake, and it was very delicious. I personaly love this maroon coloured one.

I do wonder though of what is the purpose of it all. I think it is breathtaking when the cake is real, but when you know it isn't real, and all you need is just some money to buy it... for me, somehow it takes a lot of the magical feeling out of it. What do you think?

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