Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Wings!

A sign of a good asian restaurant is if they're full packed of asian.

And this restaurant was! Located in chinatown Sydney, Crazy Wings really were jam packed last Sunday. With asians!

So my friend and I took the pain and waited for available table. It was worth it!
We ordered some honey chicken wings, chili wings some chili spiced lamb, and a honey bread.

The chili wings were too spicy for me but I looooooove the honey chicken wings. I didn't know wings can be so tasty!

The bread turned out to be just a toast of 1.50AUD. It was nice, but I think I can make it my own.

And here he is, my friend. A long time friend since primary school back in Jakarta. Finally after all these years we had the time to catch up.

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