Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Shower

Last week (or was it the week before?) my housemate held a baby shower party. She is expecting a baby boy by end of December! Exciting!

So I hop along in the social fun games. She came up with loads of entertaining games and the international mix of friends were very supportive.

One of the games is tying shoe laces with blue balloon underneath our shirt as a pretend belly (1st picture here). It turns out to be not as easy! Lesson learned: wear lace-less shoes during pregnancy!

Another the game of guessing the perimeter of the belly with toilet papers. Each guest have to guess how many squares, and in the end we tried it on her belly. I over-guessed by 5 squares!

Then the classic put the pacifier on baby mouth blind folded, followed by Pictionary! The hardest game was about guessing popular songs played in baby lullaby style with xylophone. You'd never guessed some are songs by Cure.

It really was a fun afternoon, Thank you Agny & Koko! We are looking forward to a healthy baby boy soon!

The rest of the pictures are available here.


  1. I love everything you did.

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