Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas tree with 50mm?

So after spending last Christmas in a country that doesn't celebrate it even as a public holiday, this Christmas is a welcomed change.

As as result of discussion with several photographer friends, we decided that it would be cool to have weekly photo challenges starting December. The first week in December was Christmas Tree. The challenge? getting a picture of one with 50mm lens. Pictured here was my entry for the pool.

Now considering we all each has a cropped body camera, 50 mm translates to 75mm full frame. Did you see the difficulty yet?

First, finding a Christmas tree. Too small, and the decorations won't be as nice, medium sized tree will only give you the very top end of the tree. Big trees? you need to find a public one and get really far, and therefore might have obstacles people walking in between your lens and the tree.

After going around the city and several shopping malls. The one I choose was from Martin's Place, Sydney. It's a big 21m tall tree with 1.5m southern star at the top. As you can see i only got about 1/4 of the tree there. It helps that there is a city hall (?) clock nearby it.

Obviously I prefer getting the shot with a wide angle lens. Like this.

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