Friday, November 5, 2010

Sculpture by the sea 2010

We went to visit Bondi Beach last week to see this year's Sculpture by the sea 2010.

It was a fun afternoon of photographing, albeit it was quite crowded. Very hard to take pictures without anybody being in between your lens and the sculpture.
Luckily I got ahead with my sigma wide angle!

Took too many photos (will upload more later), but this particular one is my favorite. It's a result of an HDR from 3 photos.

OMG. I tried to find the artist behind this work, but I still couldn't find it (Let me know if you do know!). I think credit should be given to whoever decide on the placement of it. To put it right in the sight of the sun creates an amazing shadow. My job was just to be there to capture it at the right time. And if you're wondering, the lens flare is real!

Check out last my year's Sculpture of the Sea photos here.

1 comment:

  1. great photo!! I've been wanting to go to this event... maybe plan to visit Sydney around this time next year?!?! :)


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