Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free flowers in Sydney City

Finally, summer is here! And what would be better to celebrate it by having a few colourful flowers on your balcony?... Getting those flowers for free!

Sydney city is giving out their flowers from the Living Colour display around the city today (and I'm guess next Sunday too). For today they have the location in front of St. Mary's church.

People went there with trucks! We arrived there without a car, so it's a bit hard to carry. Luckily, there is the husband and his backpack; another good use of a husband!

(A bit of a side story: we had to go to cinema after, because I got a free double pass from ABC to preview the movie Gasland. So the two pots were there in the cinema with us!)

We got one pot each of Celosia Yellow and red.
Thank you Sydney City!


  1. Thank you! I'm very happy with them. They're on my balcony now

  2. I must say that is not often that you can pluck pretty flowers for free.


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