Saturday, May 1, 2010

Petits Sorelois

Nothing is more joyful than the smell of cookies coming from your kitchen.So yes, today my boyfriend decided that he would like to try his hands to make his favorite childhood cookies.

Petits Sorelois are sweet-lemony cookies, crunchy on the outside and a little bit moist on the inside. With the hundred and thousands sprinkled on top of it, I wouldn't be surprised if he had it while he was young. The looks certainly screams "kids!".

Since it was his first cookie making experience, I decided to document the historical events with photos. Looking at the trend these days, where everybody (most certainly Asians, for sure) likes to take pictures of their meal, I think a few little photography tips wouldn't hurt.

Just to show you how picture quality is important, I took another picture of the cookies with on camera flash. Look at the difference between the two photos. Which of these that you prefer? Do you notice the difference?

First picture shows more of the texture and details of the cookies. The second picture looks flat. Main difference? Lighting! First picture is taken with available sun rays coming through the window from the back, creating depth to the picture. It really doesn't take fancy cameras to make a difference in your pictures. As long as the lighting is correct, everything else is easy.

So remember, it's the job of your loved ones to cook, our job to make it look good on camera!

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