Monday, February 22, 2010

Sydney racism

Checking my mailbox today after work, I discovered this. This is the first racism mail that I received here in Australia.

"Our economy is in a crisis.
So far, 338,346 immigrants have arrived during it.
This is insane!
Not one more!"
Obviously anonymous.
I tried to find it on google, to see if this number has any significant meaning. No luck.

If you received similar things (or you're the sender), write me! I'm interested to know.


  1. Woow!!! You should send it to the police, maybe they will investigate... if, of course, they are not racist.

  2. I should hey? Well I think the police might just ignore it. Unless of course I noticed white powder on the paper :)
    Did you get one on the mailbox?

  3. My friend and I have both had these dropped in our mail boxes. Do you live in the inner west or has it spread further?

  4. Imagine the economy WITHOUT the immigrants - Australia would be in much deeper s***.

  5. It would be a barren land .. :D


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