Saturday, October 31, 2009

Riverbeats, Parramatta

The Parramatta Riverbeats celebration (NSW) yesterday consists of percussion performance, chalk painting competition, food stalls and pyroworks.

I quite enjoyed the percussions. Three distinctively different group played in turn with one conductor, played some different rhythm. Funky. I took the picture of the aboriginal lady with the flower wratgh while they were practicing before the show.

The chalk painting competition bears the theme of climate change. Here are two of my favourites. or of cute penguins on melting ice, and the other painting on her prius. The rest of the painting, sad to say, was a bit too ordinary to my liking.

Food stalls were good. Except the fact that they're quite expensive for 'stalls standard'. Mostly around 8-10 dollars for a meal. Three thai food stalls made our choice difficult. In the end I and my housemate decided on tucker boxes that are slightly cheaper. They also have activity for kids: pretending to be chef. I thought it was cute.

Finally the celebration is topped with some pyroworks (or should I say flame torch play). First there were two alien and predator costumed men with torches, then a boat with a guy caricature and a dinosaur appeared. Nobody knows what these suppose to represent. First I thought it was some Alien, but then "The prime minister and the dinosaur" seems to be a more suitable name (see my full photo collection here for the close up and you will know what I'm talking about). Seriously, it was the most boring 30 minutes. The boat went up near to the stage, did nothing and return. Both my housemate and I think we need to smoke some weed to understand the message!

I think Australians still need to learn from Montrealers on how to conduct a proper festival. But I was happy, had some good snaps and walked away with full stomach.

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